The Issues

Public Safety

  • Law enforcement teams risk their lives daily to secure our safety. We must provide these workers with competitive salaries and benefits that enhance our team to attract and retain the best in public safety.
  • We must ensure that our law enforcement teams have the resources for training and equipment that assist them in performing their duties. We must also reform our current community policing system so that our community and law enforcement can work together.
  • In the current environment, public safety officers need confidential and accommodating mental health support to remain effective in performing their work-related tasks.

Economic Development

  • Equity and access play a significant role in how funding is allocated and how it impacts various communities.
  • We must ensure that funding opportunities are equitably distributed to include small businesses, women, minority owned, and established businesses throughout the city.
  • Collaborative partnerships with the corporate community are essential to attract and maintain businesses in Greensboro that provide training and competitive wages.

Affordable Housing

  • We must create a process to provide additional safe and affordable housing for low and moderate-income households, the elderly, and the disabled.
  • Resources to create a pathway to homeownership must be found and made awarded on an equitable basis. 
  • Low-income residents spend 30-40 percent of their monthly gross income on housing. Greensboro must attract large corporations to train and employ our citizens to work in high-paying jobs.  The minimum wage must be increased.